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Lupe Garu: Guestbook

Jo Anne Shaffer

May 4, 2014

If I'm not on your email list, please add me - thank you.


February 15, 2013

Just ordered First Bite! Looking forward to hearing your jams!


June 21, 2012

Hey Guys,
Picked you up on Jango...Looking forward to exploring more of your music. I am VP of the Cleveland Blues Society...would love to come see you play...

Have a Bluesy day...


January 2, 2012

Awesome! Let me know when and where to hear you live!


November 3, 2011

Great stuff guys,keep it coming!! Hooooowl!!


March 13, 2011

hey Ivan is catfish still in the tub?

ben haskey (LB)

July 12, 2010

i was woundering when the next show was i missed stocktin?

Cindy Reiman

July 4, 2010

The show at Stockton was worth every penny for the ticket. I was very proud to sit and watch Lupe Garu perform with your many talents. Of course being Chris's Mom helps too! LOL. All kidding aside, I overheard many comments in the crowd and people enjoyed your music, asking Where are they from? Local talent was appreciated. Keep it up!!!

Robert Sule

June 13, 2010

New stuff sounds awesome!!!!! Cant wait to see you guys live July 3rd!!!!


May 7, 2010

this new shit on the cd kicks more


May 3, 2010

You guys are awesome. I totally love the "smell of sulphur" line. Hope to see you at your next gig!


April 26, 2010

Such a truely amazing talent the 4 of you share!!! When you play, u can feel your soul. You guys soooooo rock!!!!!! And that drummer.....he's a hottie!! :-)

Cindy & Lou

April 24, 2010

Just want to let you know we had some family members get together to come out and see you last night at the Wagon Wheel. We all enjoyed the show. Keep up the good playing!!!

Mary Ellen Lorenz

March 15, 2010

Great Website!


January 23, 2010

hello its hailey:) i like your website:) continue the good work im proud:)

Carl DiPilla

December 31, 2009

hello, I'm a very old friend of Stan & Rose and I have been thinking a lot of them lately and stumbled upon your website. I would go late nite catfishing with Stan on Pennypack creek in Philly. Since we were both Port Richmond boys, that was nature to us. I've known Stan since 1962 and Rose since 1969 and was at the hospital with Stan when Adam and the twins were born.

Patricia Thomas

December 27, 2009

Hi Stan and Rose,

Greetings from the Mid-West. The band is great and the website spectacular. Congratulations and continued success. I will tell my family to check you guys out.


Jesse Smith

October 23, 2009

I found your site by searching on "Adamczyk". But I had to search on it's spelling first. Good to see you guys still have a passion for music. Many days I have a Catfish bassline in my head. When I realize it, I let the Ive solo play over it. Then I have to replace the guitar pick in my brain.

Randy McFall

September 29, 2009

C'mon you wolfen, let me hear you howl!


September 29, 2009

You guys rock!
oh Yeah!
love you


September 20, 2009

Well, I finally got to see the band that my son so well talks about and enjoys playing with. I must admit I seen for myself the love your family has for your many talents. Although I only seen the first set, I plan to see you again in the near future. I told Chris I do need my earplugs though cause I have sensitive ears. LOL Keep on making music together, it obviously keeps your family strong.


September 14, 2009

WOOOHOOO!!! love you guys!!! YOU ROCK!!! website is awesome!!! glad I opened the mail, the subject line change definitely worked (for me anyway) hehe!! =o)
Hope to see ya soon!!!

Barbara Burski

September 13, 2009

This is Stan and Rose's favorite cousin. For real!!
Lupe Garu sounds fantastic ! I love your music, and Rose did a wonderful job with her art of painting the warewolf for Lupe Garu.
Hope to follow you on tours :0) and playing every where. Please send me your CD so I can brag and Brag. Thank you for letting me here this and read your Bio, I love you all. I have sent this to My sister Terry and My daughter Shannon she will inturn send this to her sister Kathy. Love Barb

Barb Cimino

September 13, 2009

Stan - You just about freaked my mom out with this!!! At least now that I know where you guys are playing I can come see you...Iam going to try to come see you next Friday if I can find the place. Very cool website - looking forward to seeing you all - Love Barb (your coz if youdidn't recognize the name (Brooks)


August 4, 2009

SWEET!!!!Loved the bios the music the pics.Its GREAT!!!!hope to be there this Saturday

Uncle Muk

August 1, 2009

From my dial-up Internet service I was able to hear the band as if it were run through a Waring blender, but even that sounded pretty mellow, as if the blender had been set on puree! You go guys; sorry, I'll have to wait some on getting the real deal in poison. Great web site, as well.


July 31, 2009



July 29, 2009

This band is kick-ass! is very well done. I don't know who created the website...although I suspect it's my Uncle Stan who has many talents. :) The website looks very professional and has a lot of information. Good lookin' site for a great soundin' band! :)


July 29, 2009

Great photos & good sound. Hope to see & hear you soon.

Scott Manning

July 29, 2009

Great website. Love the colors, sound and features. Best of luck!!

Pete Sanchez

July 28, 2009

Rockin tunes! I'll try to come to the Country Tavern.