Ivan "The Butcher" Adamczyk - singer/songwriter/guitar player


Ivan "The Butcher" was born in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia, PA. He got into music at an early age. Encouraged by his parents to take up an instrument, he started playing alto sax at about 9 or 10 years old. His father (Guitar Man Stan) along with his father's vast record collection was a big influence on The Butcher switching to guitar. He was blown away when he saw Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop one afternoon during summer vacation. He still remembers his mother, like it was yesterday, holding the antenna to get better TV reception so her  three sons could get a glimpse of this rock 'n roll icon.

Hendrix along with Leslie West, David Gilmour, Neil Young, Santana, Frank Zappa, Sam Andrews and God (Erc Clapton... hee hee) would make life long impressions on his guitar playing. Another advantage was his musical family: his father playing guitar and flute, his mother playing blues harp and, if he closes his eyes and listens, he can still hear her singing that old Grateful Dead song that starts "you told me goodbye..." His brother Adam played drums briefly before buying his other brother Jason's bass and amp. Jason played drums briefly but decided it wasn't for him.

Adam became an awesome bass player. And the two brothers, Adam and Ivan, would front bands for the next twenty years. Playing clubs from South Jersey to New York City. Clubs like CBGB's, Kenny's Castaway, and John's Boardwalk, and  Penn State, West Chester, and Temple parties. Pluse headlining for years the Farmhouse Halloween bashes which boasted at least a 500-person turn out every year (as long as the corn was down to provide parking).

At the age of 24 Ivan and Adam had a solid CD with the band Yer Mom. You could hear the brothers on many large radio stations like 94.1 WYSP, 95.1 WZZO and many others. The band pounded the live club scene, rehearsing three times a week and playing out twice a week. This band played energy-packed, hard hitting rock 'n roll heavily influenced by the whole Alice 'n Garden 'n Dog Seatle sound. The band's life was cut short when, during a hiatus over which direction the band would go, singer Eric Keetig accidentally killed himself.

"The Show must Go On"

Picking up and moving forward, the brothers started a new band called Slightly Bent with the line-up:

  • Ivan - guitar, lead vocals
  • Adam - bass, backup vocals
  • Hellraiser - sax, flute, harp
  • Paul Zegray - drums, lead vocals

The band had lots of fun for nearly a decade playing vigorously at clubs and parties. They recorded one CD only to decide thay were not happy with it. Slightly Bent shows featured awesome "rip your face off" guitar leads and soaring sax backed up by the, pardon my French, effing awesome rhythm section of Adam and Paul.

Now the brothers are at it again forming a new band, with guitarist, singer, songwriter, Philly legend, and father Guitar Man Stan and well seasoned drummer Chris Klipple, named Lupe Garu. Probably their greatest band yet. Blues/Acid/Fusion Rock... a jam band lovers heaven. With only about four months prep, Lupe Garu has already established an awesome live show and are very eager to get into the studio with original material busting out the seams. It's a new day, new music, magic and life. Can't wait for the new album. 


Adam "Catfish" Adamczyk - singer/songwriter/bass player

Friends call me "Catfish", old friends call me "Crazy Catfish" or "Catfish Crazy" and like a crazy catfish, I like to mix up the bottom of the musical pond.



My favorite style of bass playing is complex and rhythmic.  What I mean by this isn't fast and noisy, I mean with hesitation, stops and interesting patterns using both sound and lack of sound to get a groove going.  I play some melodic tunes as well, but I want to see people moving and dancing and that's when I thrive.

The most notable bands that I played in were an angst driven hard rock band called "Yer Mom" from 95-99ish playing NYC, NJ and Eastern PA, with 2 self released tapes and a self titled CD.  From 2000-2009, "Slightly Bent".  In 2009 we formed Lupe Garu, releasing the first self released CD, "First Bite" in 2011 and a second "Aged In Wood" in March 2015.

Stan "The Guitar Man" Adamczyk - singer/songwriter/guitar player

Stan “The Guitar Man” Adamczyk is one of the two guitar players in Lupe Garu and one of the band’s three singer/songwriters. Stan became a guitar player a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.  His mom presented him with a second-hand acoustic guitar as a high school graduation present in 1967.  He hasn’t been without one since.


Coming of age at the births of acid and blues rock, The Guitar Man’s early musical influences included The Airplane, The Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother and the Holding Company, The Bluesbreakers, Cream and The Electric Flag.  Music was a big part of his life.  Stan immersed himself in the music and the music counter culture.  If you saw the Woodstock film you might have been able to pick Stan out in the crowd.  He was the skinny bearded guy with long hairJ.

Stan played his first professional gigs in NYC, where he lived with his new bride Rose, in 1970.  He played covers with pick up bands in the NYC area.  In 1972 he formed the Philly-based band Lucaru.  Lucaru played blues rock and fusion originals. 

The Guitar Man put a career in music on hold while he and Rose raised a family. Stan enjoyed a 30+ year career leading systems design, development and support efforts for two major Philly corporations.  Rose has been a life-long artist and together, they instilled their love of music and the arts in their three sons and daughter.  Stan taught them the basics of rock and played gigs with his sons as The Barnstormers at Del Val College and Penn State in the early ‘90’s. He continued to have opportunities to keep up his guitar chops by sitting in with two electrifying Bucks County – based bands formed by two of his sons (Adam and Ivan).

In 2007, with Rose’s blessings, the Guitar Man decided to rededicate himself to music and left the corporate world. Early in 2009 he joined Ivan and Adam to form Lupe Garu.  Stan and Rose currently live in rural Bucks County PA.  Rose is an artist currently working with paints and stained glass.  She created the band’s wolf man logo and is the band's photographer/videographer.

Colin "Time Machine" Mills (2016-2018) - Drums/percussion

Colin “Time Machine" Mills grew up in Roswell, Georgia, surrounded by classic rock, jazz music, and alternative rock.  He played in the middle school band, but had to drop out due to changing schools. After a long hiatus where he didn't play much, his love of banging on things with sticks returned when he acquired an electronic drum kit. 


Working with Adam, he was drafted into a project with Adam, Ernie Marshall, Ahmil Jilani, and Ivan Adamcyzk named Dragon's Thunder.  Though short lived, this group led to him being selected to pick up the drumsticks for Lupe Garu.

Major inspirations for his style are Pink Floyd, The Who, and modern alternative rock. He currently works for Verizon as a data scientist.

Ahmil Jilani (2016-2018) - Keyboards/singer

Hello world! I play the keyboard for Lupe Garu.


I've been in singing groups most of my life, from traditional choruses to college a capella. I have a passion for piano and music theory, which has allowed me to produce musical arrangements for the above groups. I'm also a chorister in the New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus.

Lupe Garu is my first band, and I find myself growing as a musician. I have a lot of creative freedom and I love using it. I mostly like harmonizing to put a new spin someone else's melody.

Chris "The Doctor" Klipple - Drummer (2009-April 2015)