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October 2016

Lupe Garu is the featured artist of the month, for October, on internet radio and their syndicated program!

March 2015

 Lupe Garu's NEW CD, Aged In Wood, is available!

Click here to buy it now:


> 2014 Elephant Talk Indie Music Award for Top Ten guitarists to play Atlantic City, N.J.


> We are delighted to announce that Lupe Garu has won a 2013 Elephant Talk Indie Music Award for the category Best Non-Local* Psychedelic/Jam Band.

A huge howl and a "THANK YOU!"

*Elephant Talk is based in Atlantic City, NJ

> Lupe Garu won Relix Magazine’s Jam-Off songwriting competition! Our prize-winning entry was “Come To See Me Fall” from our First Bite CD.

Our song will be included in the CD sampler packaged with the June 2013 Issue of Relix Magazine. The magazine has a distribution of over 100,000… hot damn!! Pick it up!!


 > Lupe Garu has been awarded theTOP LOCAL BAND/ARTIST PLAYED ON SRROCKS.COMfor 2012 ( !

Thank you to all our fans! You are the best!!

Have a howling great holiday season!!!




What are Lupe Garu?

The legendary Lupe Garu are said to be werewolves who can change from human to wolfen, and back again, at will. 

Lupe Garu, the band, are five hard-rockin’, whiskey-lovin’, journeymen musicians:

·   Ivan “The Butcher” - singer/songwriter/guitar player
·   Adam “Catfish” - singer/songwriter/bass player
·   Stan “The Guitar Man” - singer/songwriter/guitar player
·   Colin “The Machine” - drummer
  • Ahmil Jilani - keyboards/singer

These veteran musicians have been key players in a number of bands (see members bio’s) performing throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and NYC.

Lupe Garu are musical shape shifters who can move between low-down dirty blues, riveting blues rock, improvisational fusion/acid rock, to spellbinding mellow melodies.

Their take on classic rock, where they channel songs by Cream, the Dead, Hendrix, and others, have been known to drive listeners to a frenzy.

If you are into jam bands…

If you love classic rock…

If you were born to be wild…

Lupe Garu will get you out of your seat, shake you up, and get you howling at the moon!